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If your child is suffering from sexually maladaptive disorder, we are here to help. Located near Pittsburgh, PA, Southwood offers leading sexually maladaptive disorder treatment for children and adolescents.

Sexually Maladaptive Behavior Treatment

Learn more about sexually maladaptive behavior treatment at Southwood Psychiatric Hospital near Pittsburgh, PA

Sexual maladaptive problems are any behaviors that are well beyond the child’s developmental stage, involve threat, force, or aggression, and often involve inappropriate or harmful use of sexual body parts. These maladaptive behaviors tend to occur after a child or adolescent has been told to stop and will many times interfere with childhood interests and activities. For young males, ages 10 to 21 years old, who have significant mental health issues along with a history of inappropriate sexual behaviors Southwood Psychiatric Hospital provides a specialized program to meet the needs of this unique population. CHOICES is a residential treatment program at Southwood that is dedicated to providing young people with high quality, effective care. We are devoted to providing the most effective mental health treatment, education, and assisted living services to youth who are battling emotional, behavioral, and cognitive concerns that are unique to young people.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for sexually maladaptive behavior at Southwood Psychiatric Hospital near Pittsburgh, PA

If sexually maladaptive symptoms in young people are left untreated the likelihood for the development of greater problems later on down the road is extremely high. Children and adolescents with sexually maladaptive behaviors are usually unable to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships, may have difficulties at school, and because of their behaviors are often stigmatized and socially isolated. Due to this many children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems often develop a lack of self-esteem and have poor communications skills. These young people are also at an increased risk for the abusing drugs and/or alcohol, the development of more severe mental health disorders such as antisocial personality disorder as an adult, and are more likely to suffer from suicidal ideation.

How to Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one get treatment for sexually maladaptive behavior

Learning that your child or adolescent has been acting out in inappropriate sexual ways can be one of the most stressful and distressing situations a parent can face. Not only are you likely facing a wide range of emotions, but you are probably unsure about what you can do to correct these behaviors. As you begin to look for ways in which you can help your child it may be comforting to know that sexually maladaptive behaviors in young people are, in most cases, very responsive to treatment and any future sexual behavior problems can be prevented. Treatment for these behaviors is even more successful with active family involvement, which is why it is extremely important for parents and caregivers to be involved in all aspects of the treatment process. Furthermore, it is important that you seek out treatment for your child from a licensed mental health professional who will be able to help your child overcome these behaviors and will teach you parenting strategies that will be more effective for dealing with your child. Finally, above all else remember that they are still your child and they need your love and support more than anything else.

Types of Treatment

Types of sexually maladaptive behavior treatment offered at Southwood Psychiatric Hospital near Pittsburgh, PA

At Southwood Psychiatric Hospital our CHOICES program provides the highest level of structure and supervision for a residential mental health setting, while offering co-occurring intensive specific treatment based on the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy model of Relapse Prevention. Traditional therapies, such as those based on the Cognitive-Behavioral model, will be geared toward the lower functioning clientele and will be individualized according to specific learning needs. Furthermore, we believe that the treatment of children and adolescents in this specialized residential program is best accomplished with a comprehensive treatment approach that is specifically designed to meet individualized needs. Our interdisciplinary team, works diligently to ensure that all children and adolescents in this program reach their fullest potential.

The following treatment methods are those that are offered within the CHOICES residential treatment program at Southwood Psychiatric Hospital.:

Medication management: The need for medication is assessed by a psychiatrist who can then prescribe, monitor, and adjust medication(s) if it is deemed necessary or a youth’s care. Additionally medical personnel, such as nurse practitioners and nurses, assist in the supervision of medication management so that the most effective dosage of a given medication produces the most favorable results. Every child and adolescent in this program meets with a physician at least once a month throughout the duration of their stay.

Individual therapy: Individual sessions in our CHOICES residential program are held on a weekly basis, but more can be arranged based upon individual needs. Individual sessions are provided for each patient in order to allow them one-on-one time with a mental health professional in order to help each youth process emotions and monitor treatment goals while in our care.

Family therapy: At Southwood we recognize that the active involvement of family members in the treatment of a child or adolescent is of primary importance. In addition to daily communication, the CHOICES staff provides training and education to a child’s family members, as well as community-based service providers.

Group therapy: Group sessions in our residential treatment program are held on a daily basis and are led by Master’s level clinicians, nurses, and other experienced mental health professionals. Groups allow our patients the ability to practice behaviors they have learned, while also gaining support from our staff and their peers. Substance abuse education and psychoeducational groups are also included in the treatment process.

Onsite Schooling: Each child and adolescent in our CHOICES residential program attends school Monday through Friday from 8am until 2:30pm. Our schooling program is run by certified special education teachers and also employs certified occupational therapists.

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for sexually maladaptive behavior

While the programming offered within Southwood Psychiatric Hospital is focused on patients being able to achieve their treatment goals, we remain dedicated to helping those who come to our hospital for care in succeeding once they have completed their treatment. From the moment a youth is admitted into one of our programs, our staff begins formulating aftercare recommendations that will meet the child or adolescent’s needs. Inpatient treatment, by nature, is designed to stabilize a youth so that the therapeutic process can continue at a lower level of care. Therefore, we conduct an ongoing assessment of needs in order to ensure that referrals to another treatment provider will help a patient continue his success long after leaving Southwood Psychiatric Hospital.

Our staff of compassionate and caring professionals will work in collaboration with each youth and his family to establish how the youth will retain skills learned and which services in the community will refine and build upon those skills.

Whatever your child or adolescent’s mental health needs may be, let Southwood Psychiatric Hospital be your treatment provider of choice when trying to help your child achieve the life that he deserves.

I give Southwood a big thanks — they were the help that I have been looking for. The staff was wonderful!

– Former client