Residential Treatment Center Near Pittsburgh, PA

Our residential program offers individualized care for children and adolescents struggling with mental health disorders and any co-occurring disorders.

Program Overview

The residential treatment program at Southwood Psychiatric Hospital near Pittsburgh, PA

Southwood Psychiatric Hospital offers a specific program for young males who are struggling with multiple diagnoses, including intellectual disabilities and sexually maladaptive behaviors. CHOICES Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility, located in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania is a 32-bed facility serving the treatment needs of males aged 10-21 with significant mental health issues along with a history of inappropriate sexual behaviors. Licensed by the State of Pennsylvania as a mental health program, it provides the highest level of structure and supervision for a residential mental health setting, while offering co-occurring intensive specific treatment based on the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy model of Relapse Prevention. Traditional therapies, such as those based on the Cognitive-Behavioral model, will be geared toward the lower functioning clientele and will be individualized according to specific learning needs. The youth accepted to this residential care program often struggle with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.

CHOICES 5 Phase Treatment Program

Southwood residential treatment program

The combination of maladaptive sexual behaviors and intellectual disabilities creates unique treatment challenges that can be met through the CHOICES 5 Phase Treatment Program. The psychiatric treatment of children and adolescents with severe emotional, behavioral and developmental disabilities is best accomplished within a comprehensive treatment program specifically designed to meet individualized needs. At Southwood, the treatment of these individuals is carried out through a collaborative interdisciplinary approach in the CHOICES Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF). Southwood’s Residential Program is based on providing quality psychiatric care in the least restrictive environment. Following CASSP Principles, the interdisciplinary team works diligently to help the adolescent and family reach their greatest potential. In addition to the Southwood team, the referral sources, State or local agencies, and school staff are all included in the team approach. Communication is maintained with these outside team members by telephone and face-to-face meetings from the pre-admission period through, and including, the discharge processes. Each member of the team that touches the life of PRTF residents is expected to participate in the treatment journey, and this expectation is established during the pre-admission process.

Family Involvement

Family involvement in our treatment programs

Southwood recognizes that the active involvement of family members in the treatment of the individual is of primary importance. Children placed in the CHOICES PRTF benefit from a psycho-educational approach. The CHOICES PRTF staff provides training and education to family members, as well as community-based service providers. Staff recognizes the important role of family members and others working with the individual in the community to provide detailed background information and ongoing support that is essential to diagnosis, assessment, and treatment. This provides a solid foundation for discharge planning.

I learned a lot during my stay here which helped me in my longer journey.

– Former client