Inpatient Therapy & Treatment Program in Pittsburgh, PA

Our inpatient program offers individualized care for children and adolescents struggling with mental health disorders and any co-occurring disorders.

Program Overview

Inpatient Treatment Program Overview

Southwood is a provider for psychiatric services exclusively for children and adolescents, ages 4-21, who are struggling with a number of mental health concerns including development disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and youth who are struggling with sexually maladaptive behaviors. Southwood Psychiatric Hospital is the region’s only behavioral health hospital solely dedicated to children and adolescents, providing quality mental health, education, and assisted living services to troubled teens and adolescents.

Providing acute psychiatric care for those from ages 4-18 years, Southwood’s inpatient program has a bed capacity of 60, comprised of six separate and secure units. When available all adolescent units are gender specific and patient programming is separate. The children’s unit (typically ages 4-12) is co-ed and patients are housed separately from the older adolescents.

Individualized Treatment

Individualized Acute Treatment Program

Southwood Hospital’s age arrangement allows for the utmost safety of all of our patients but ensures that your child is being treated in an effective therapeutic environment. Both children and all adolescent units provide comfortable rooms and fenced in outside activity areas.

While each child and adolescent’s treatment is individualized, this treatment occurs in a therapeutic milieu, which relies heavily on the social interactions with peers and adults. This therapeutic milieu is constructed differently depending on the nature of the program, but it generally consists of rapid and comprehensive assessment, crisis management, and treatment that is heavily structured. The overall goal of our inpatient treatment program is to provide stabilization, which allows each child and adolescent entrusted in our care to move on to a lower level of care.

Treatment Modalities

Types of Inpatient Therapy

Some of the specific treatment methods implemented in our acute inpatient program include the following:

  • Individual sessions, which are held every other day throughout the duration of a patient’s stay.
  • At least one family therapy session is held upon admission to the program, but we aim to have two sessions throughout the duration of treatment. In addition to family therapy sessions, we aim to be in daily contact with each child and adolescent’s family members on a daily basis.
  • Group sessions, which are held four times a day, with Master’s level clinicians, nurses, or mental health techs on a wide variety of topics.
  • Experiential programming, including gym time, art, music, yoga, and access to an outdoor area
  • Daily check-ins with the on-staff doctor or nurse practitioner.

I learned a lot during my stay here which helped me in my longer journey.

– Former client