Behavioral Disorders Treatment Center in Pittsburgh

If your child is suffering from behavioral disorders, we are here to help. Located near Pittsburgh, PA, Southwood offers leading behavioral disorders treatment for children and adolescents.

Our Treatment

Behavioral disorder treatment at Southwood Psychiatric Hospital near Pittsburgh, PA

In order to achieve our mission of providing quality health, education, and assisted living services to all troubled children and adolescents, Southwood Psychiatric Hospital provides comprehensive treatment and specialized programming for a number of different concerns. Our compassionate staff has years of experience working with children and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 21, and has the ability to effectively treat the vast array of concerns and conditions affecting these young people.

One group of conditions that often afflicts young people and that Southwood is fully equipped to treat are behavioral health disorders. Behavioral health disorders are those that often include a pattern of hostile, aggressive, or disruptive behaviors. When children or adolescents are suffering from behavioral disorders they are eventually going to experience a number of difficulties in almost all areas of their life. Their ability to succeed academically may decline, they may face many disciplinary actions, and may be unable to establish and maintain relationships with their peers. The longer that these disorders go untreated, the potential for the development of even more serious consequences increases. Furthermore, the presence of a behavioral health disorder will not only effect the young person, but the whole family unit as well.

Fortunately, while the consequences of behavioral health disorders can be detrimental to a child or adolescent’s life, there are different treatment options available that can help young people who are struggling with these disorders learn the skills needed to manage their behavior and prevent the development of long-lasting negative effects.

At Southwood Psychiatric Hospital we provide a therapeutic, structured program that provides our patients and their families with the ability to gain basic insight to their illness and be able to develop positive strategies that will promote long-term healing.

Disorders We Treat

Disorders and conditions treated at Southwood Hospital near Pittsburgh, PA

The types of behavioral disorders and conditions that we treat here at Southwood Psychiatric Hospital include, but are not limited to, the following:

I give Southwood a big thanks — they were the help that I have been looking for. The staff was wonderful!

– Former client