Our Philosophy & Mission

Our mission and philosophy are what make us who we are. They guide every decision we make and have a direct impact on the quality of care offered at Southwood Hospital.

Our Mission

Southwood Psychiatric Hospital is dedicated to providing quality health, education, and assisted living services to troubled teens and adolescents. Our vision includes planning and thoughtful provision of high-quality care and educational services in a manner that promotes the mental health of patients, families and communities we serve. We believe in responsiveness to patient, employee and organizational needs and maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We are committed to providing quality and effective treatment for the populations we serve.

Our Philosophy

A biopsychosocial and developmental framework, incorporating the principles of Cognitive Behavioral, Crisis and Reality theories guide the clinical philosophy of treatment at Southwood. Southwood fosters the belief that children and adolescents with mental health and or / intellectual disability diagnoses can be assisted to develop new skills and an understanding of their problem areas within a safe, therapeutic milieu. This environment provides a therapeutic, structured program, which provides the child and adolescent and their families with an opportunity to gain basic insights into their illness and symptomatology and strengths and / or develop positive strategies and independent living skills.

Southwood’s philosophy includes the assumption that, given the opportunity, all individuals are capable of a level of problem solving and growth. The medical director and clinical leadership of each program provide the leadership for this approach in the context of a strong interdisciplinary approach where accountability of specific areas of treatment is clear but each treatment team member is expected to contribute their observations and recommendations in all aspects of care.

I give Southwood a big thanks — they were the help that I have been looking for. The staff was wonderful!

– Former client